Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

We had a little pre-Easter celebration with our friends and neighbors at the annual Pond Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  The weather is always iffy for the this event so we were pleasantly surprised with sunshine instead snow this year. 
Riley and Piper were part of the mad dash to grab as many eggs as they could while
 Livvy was pretty much content with the 2 that she found, especially when she realized that they had candy inside of them.  She a big fan of Smarties.
And then of course we colored eggs for the bunny

16 cups of dye is enough for a 18 eggs right?!

When Easter morning arrived, the girls were pretty excited to see that the Bunny had come and he left lots of treats for everyone...even Baxter!

Their new Wubble ball was an instant hit

And E.B. always leaves us with new books to love :)


After church we headed to our family Easter Brunch at the Urban's.  
Good food, cousin fun and an Easter Egg hunt!




To make a pretty perfect day even better, Piper won the lamb's head but picking the right number

The frosting was her favorite part


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Eve fun definitely wore our 3 out because they actually slept in...Merry Christmas to Kris and I!  These little people can only contain their excitement for so long though... 

Lucky for them, Santa came!
Riley got the doll that she was hoping for 
And Piper got her Minnie Mouse doll house.
And little Livvy with absolutely no expectations was completely thrilled with the new bike that Santa brought for her

There were cardboard pirate ships and board games 
and babies balancing on top of packages

Piper got her very own baby to snuggle on 
and Kris got a Broncos jersey for a current Broncos player...a big upgrade from his Tebow one ;)
Riley could not wait to dive into every single package with her name on it, while Piper was more content than we have ever seen her just to sit and play with her new doll house.  But we took a little break from the fun around our tree to have Christmas breakfast with the Nelsons.  The girls loved that we had their favorite...cinnamon rolls!
And then it was back to opening packages and playing with fun new toys.  Lucky for Piper and Riley, Olivia was not quite as quick at opening her presents and she was okay to have plenty of help from her big sisters.

We spent Christmas evening with my family at Gigi and Pop's house.  The girls had another round of special surprises and lots of time to play and be played with.
Pop put his engineering skills to work and built a fun light switch box for our Livvy who loves to turn things on and off right now
Auntie Kelly made each of the girls their very own tie blanket that they could not wait to snuggle up in

And Riley is going to get to learn more about something that she skating lessons!

Each year our family grows a little more and every Christmas adds more memories and traditions to the ones that came before.  We are so lucky to have these 3 beautiful girls who make our lives so full and so thankful for the moments we spend with our family and friends.